Your Unique Business Blueprint

Your Unique Business Blueprint

Welcome to the cohort! 

Embark on the journey to better understand the intersection of your personal strengths and your business expertise - and how to leverage both with clarity and confidence.

Here's what you'll find in this program:

PHASE 1 – INSIGHT (Weeks 1-7): Kick-start your journey with our Foundation module, where we dive into your unique business needs and challenges. Understand your strengths, your market, your unique selling proposition, and the signature offering that will make your business stand out.

PHASE 2 – INTEGRATE (Weeks 8-11): During this four-week 'Reflect & Reset' period, consolidate your insights, refine your learnings, and prepare for the next stages of strategic development. This four-week period allows for a pause in instruction to ensure you fully absorb the content and are prepared to confidently move forward with the program.

PHASE 3 - IMPLEMENT (Weeks 12-18): Convert your insights into actionable strategies. This phase involves creating a comprehensive business and financial plan, defining your team structure, crafting sales strategy, and discussing future growth opportunities. The culmination of this phase, and indeed the program, is the creation of your Unique Business Blueprint - your roadmap to sustained success.

BONUS: Three private 1:1 coaching session to ensure that your individual goals and objectives are addressed and incorporated - in other words that your Blueprint is truly unique to your situation.

FORMAT: A combination of business strategy and personal strengths development, delivered through a blend of live virtual group classes, self-study assignments, one-on-one coaching, and peer collaboration.

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$375 for 5 monthly payments
$475 for 2 monthly payments