Upcoming Cohort Sessions:

Fall 2023: Begins October 24
Cohort is Full
[Registration Closed]

Winter 2024: Begins January 16
Tues. 3:30 - 5:30 PM PST
[Registration Open: 10 Seats Available]

Engaging Live Sessions

Participate in enlightening sessions guided by experienced business consultants. Unearth unique strengths, shatter limiting beliefs, and hone pivotal skills for perpetual growth.

Business Blueprint Tailored for You

Draft a strategic trajectory tailored for your enterprise's success with defined objectives, actionable measures, and consistent milestones for ongoing guidance.

Specialized Coaching Sessions

Revel in three dedicated 1:1 coaching encounters with our expert team, addressing your business's unique challenges and identifying lucrative opportunities.

Exclusive Resource Vault

Access a diverse toolkit of templates, tools, and resources curated to amplify your learning and accelerate your business growth.

Program Structure


Weeks 1 - 7
4 Bi-Weekly Live Zoom Sessions,
3 Self-Study Weeks and an
Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Session.

Weeks 8 - 11
A 4-week hiatus in live sessions, 
allowing reflection & absorption. Includes a Private Coaching Session.

Weeks 12-18
A blend of Live and Self-Study Sessions, culminating in your completed Blueprint Presentation and a Post-Program Coaching Encounter.




Wk 1  Jan 16    Live Session
Wk 2  Jan 23    Self Study
Wk 3  Jan 30   Live Session
Wk 4  Feb 06   Self Study
Wk 5  Feb 13   Live Session
Wk 6  Feb 20  Self Study
Wk 7  Feb 27 Live Session

Phase Includes
      • Initial 1:1 Coaching Session
      • Business and Personal Assessments
      • Your What and Your Why
      • Unique Selling Proposition
      • SWOT, Marketing Strategy, Customer Journey


4 to 5 Week Pause in Live Instruction
During this "reflect and reassess period", consolidate your thoughts, refine your learning, and prepare for the next stages of strategic development. 

This intentional pause in live sessions is to  allow you to fully absorb the content and confidently move forward with the program. 

Take advantage of your Mid-Program Coaching Session. 

Week 8 through Week 11
Mar. 3, 2024 - Mar. 26, 2024
Self Study / Notes Consolidation
No Live Sessions During this Phase
Mid-Program 1:1 Coaching Session



Wk 12  Apr 02   Live Session
Wk 13  Apr 09   Self Study
Wk 14  Apr 16   Live Session
Wk 15  Apr 23  Self Study
Wk 16  Apr 30  Live Session
Wk 17  May 07  Self Study
Wk 18  May 14  Live Class

Phase Includes
      • Your Who and Your How
      • Business Model Canvas, KPIs
      • Profit and Financial Plans, Budget
      • Present Your Blueprint
      • Post-Program 1:1 Coaching Session
Client Share . . .

I've grown exponentially since working with Sharon, personally and professionally. While my overall focus was on my new business, equal time was spent deep in self-discovery, guided by Sharon's listening skills, intuition, and gentle yet powerful curiosity. As a result, I trust and stand firmly in my Big Why as both a person and a business owner. I'm confident this integrative approach has positively changed the trajectory of my practice. It's been an absolute joy to work  with Sharon.
Susan Young
Tangible Takeaways
 Solid Foundation: Understand and harness your unique business DNA for sustained success. 

Precise Clarity: Immerse in your business's true purpose and direction. 

Tactical Insight: Arm yourself with the tools to craft a formidable business roadmap. 

Strengths Integration: Optimize your inherent skills, resulting in enhanced outcomes. 

Decision-making Mastery: Adopt multi-faceted perspectives, making informed decisions confidently. 

Continued Support: A post-program coaching call ensuring ongoing success.